Sunday, July 8, 2012

Beyond the Body

A perception of appearance and identity

Beyond the Body is a publication designed to accompany the graduation project Beyond the Body of Dutch product designer Imme van der Haak at the Royal College of Art, London 2012.

Van der Haak's work focuses on altering the human form by affecting its figure with just one simple intervention. Photos of the human body are printed onto translucent silk which will create the possibility of physically layering different body’s, ages, generations and identities.
In a dance performance, the moving body manipulates the fabric so the body and the silk become one, distorting our perception or revealing a completely new physical form. The movement then brings this to life.
Beyond the body brings into being an ambiguous image that intrigues, astonishes or sometimes even disturbs.

More photos will follow soon.

For more information about Imme van der Haak and her project, please visit her website.
To order Beyond the Body, please email :
£20 / €25
ISBN 978-0-9572882-0-1

Paper: Munken Lynx
Size: 16.5 x 23.5 cm
Printer: Aldgate Press
Copies: 250

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Thank You Silent Media

A poster designed to point out the boundaries of journalism and new media. Can we say what we want to say, and can we share what we want to share? Digital documents that are classified as 'confidential' or as 'secret' are not that private anymore in our contemporary society.
Thank You, Silent Media has been donated to the Silent Poster Sale at St. Brides, London. The Silent Poster Sale is a collaboration between St Bride Foundation and BA Graphic Design students from CSM to fundraise both for the Library of St. Brides and the 2012 Graphic Design Degree Show. For an overview of all the participating designers and submitted posters, please visit the Silent Poster Sale blog.

The poster is designed in collaboration with two Dutch graphic designers, Esmée Steur and Annouck Welhuis.

Size: 420 × 594 mm
Copies: 3

Friday, December 30, 2011

The Granshan Exhibition November 2011 in Munich, Germany, with typeface Foxhill.

Foxhill has won the third price in the 'Greek Text Typefaces' category of Granshan 2011: the 4th International Type Design Competition for non-Latin typefaces.

The exhibition in Munich is held together with the TDC Show 2011.

Foxhill is presented on blue banner, far right.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Foxhill used in O.K. Periodicals magazine!

Foxhill is used in the magazine O.K. Periodicals 7 Thriller issue, made and designed by graphic design studio O.K. Parking.

O.K. Periodicals the magazine is: inspirational magazine (that looks like a book)
…independently published twice a year
…a platform for established and upcoming creative talent
…pleasantly disruptive & always curious

Purchase your O.K. Periodicals here!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Photoshoot at Royal College of Music, London

Last week I photographed cellist Willemijn Knödler and pianist Bernadette Bartos at the Royal College of Music, London. The photos will be used as promotion for a concert in the Netherlands.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Critical Tensions

Thursday & Friday 10-11 November it was the tenth annual St. Bride Library conference!

Tension is frequently described as a positive in design, with designers balancing opposing constraints and visual ideas in often ‘perfect tension’. Design work balances a whole series of tensions: analogue–digital; male–female; Twitter–Facebook; art–design; East–West; old–young; interns–employees; global–local; micro–macro; educated–‘feral’; in-house–independent; degree course–short course/apprenticeship; designer–client.

In these uncertain times of economic and educational cutbacks, what of the old adage that from adversity comes creativity? In the aftermath of WWII, the exhibition ‘Britain can make it’ celebrated the potential of design as a tool for national recovery. The political struggles of the 1960s fuelled the portfolios of a generation of our most celebrated graphic designers. So where are seeds of creativity emerging from current struggles? What are the key points of tension today and what possibilities for designerly making and thinking are opening up as a result? Is tension vital to the design process itself?

- Speakers included Timo Arnall, Phil Baines, Jonathan Barnbrook, Zoë Bather, Tom Farrand, Amelia Gregory, Matt Jones, Alan Kitching, Gerry Leonidas, Vaughan Oliver, Paul Rennie, Lucienne Roberts, Steve Watson, Marina Willer, Rebecca Wright and Derek Yates.

- Moderators were Phil Baines and Emily King.

- Demonstrators were Paul Antonio (calligraphy), Douglas Bevans (bookbinding), Mark Frith (stonecutting), Helen Ingham and Richard Lawrence (typesetting, linocutting, printing).

During critical tensions I made my first stone-cutting (an 'e'), thanks to the guidance of Mark Frith!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Third prize for Foxhill!

Glad to announce that Foxhill has won the Third Price in the 'Greek text typefaces category' of the International Type design competition Granshan 2011!
On the 26 of October 2011 at the press conference in the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia were announced the results and prize winners of the 'Granshan 2011' competition.

All awarded works will be displayed at the exhibitions in Yerevan and Munich in November and be included in the catalogue 'Granshan 2011', which will be issued by the end of this year.

The org. committee informs that the works submitted to 'Granshan 2011' competition were displayed at the exhibition in the Bibliotheca Alexandria (Egypt) on the 27-29 of September without announcing the winners.

Granshan 2011 website: